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James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

Never before seen NIRCAM composite filter images, assembled from public data. Added 2022 09 28 Added 2022 09 11 Added 2022 09 01 Added 2022 08 15 Added 2022 08 13 Added 2022 08 08 Added 2022 08 03 Added 2022 07 31 Added 2022 07 31

Fort Marinus Owns Chicago

“You can change the rules, but you can’t change history.” – Nike Running.   Fort Marinus’ logo forms part of Nike’s “Own Chicago” Mosaic. It makes up several smallĀ tilesĀ in the blue-ish area above the ‘W’. Can you spot them?

Sun Rays

Welcome to Fort Marinus Blogs

For my first post, I would like to share this luxurious swatch of fabric. This is Herringbone. Herringbone describes a wonderful pattern of woven fabric, so called (supposedly) because it ‘resembles the bone structure of a herring fish’. Typically uninteresting when used for woolen outerwear, as is most common, Herringbone is decidedly luxurious when used […]

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