Waterfall Charts

by fortmarinus

Are you looking for an easy to use, versatile Waterfall Chart template for Microsoft Excel?

The Waterfall Chart, also known as a Bridge, a Walk, flying bricks, or a Mario Charti, is a most useful visualization for a variety of applications. It can be used to ‘walk’ from a beginning value to an ending value, show the parts of a whole, show changes over time, and more. While Microsoft Excel does not provide a built-in solution for creating this type of chart, Fort Marinus presents a free template.

Please enjoy and comment or email suggestions.


Marinus’ Waterfall Chart Template for Excel (v4.122) 2014 06 26 NEW!

  • No Add-ins, just a good old Excel Worksheet
  • Ability to show positive and negative changes above AND below zero! (axis crossovers)
  • Automatic labeling of bar elements
  • Ability to specify multiple ‘Subtotal’ (or ‘Anchor’ or ‘Middle’) columns
  • Ability to toggle ‘connector lines’ between bar elements
  • Convenient formatting shortcuts
  • Plus, all the usual Excel formatting customizations


Examples Gallery



  • Thanks to Liam Bastick at SumProduct for creating an excellent walkthrough on waterfall chartsii
  • Thanks to Aaron Henckler at Chandoo.org for creating an excellent tutorial on waterfall chartsiii
  • Thanks to Rob Bovey at AppsPro for creating a very useful add-in for labeling chartsiv


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